GSI measures safety performance, shares the data with members, and provides resources to implement best practices and improve safety performance.

We can improve what we measure, and we measure nearly every aspect of our operations. Yet safety performance, by and large, has not been measured thoroughly or effectively on a global scale with the mission to reduce accident and death.  GSI was created to measure the safety performance of companies and organizations worldwide and share that anonymous data to our members.  We then work with them to implement the strategies and best practices the data reveals.

A Mission to Measure and Improve Safety Performance Worldwide Through:

The Global Safety Index

Anonymously benchmark your organization’s safety engagement with others and identify areas for improvement.

Safety Research

The latest research identifying the factors that connect engagement to safety and occupational health outcomes.

Education & Training

Access online training to address human factors critical to a safe workplace.

Consulting & Implementation

Solutions to identify goals, strategies, and tactics to address the missing link between safety and engagement.

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