GSI Will Help Employers, Their Solution Providers, and Institutions Create a Safer and Better Work Experience.

Global Safety Institute will benchmark safety across member companies worldwide and assist those companies in implementing the best practices to reduce accidents and foster safe behaviors.

All of the safety-related inspections, regulations, training, manuals, and forms are all very important to creating a safe workplace. But the most important element in safety is the people factor. Yet there is no benchmark for measuring it. GSI was established to measure the human element in safety and create a benchmarking system to share best practices.

The Global Safety Institute has been launched to promote the emerging discipline of Enterprise Safety Engagement overlooked in OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) and ISO standards until recently.

GSI will bring to market a complete range of solutions, including the Global Safety Institute Index, to help organizations benchmark their levels of Enterprise Engagement Safety and practices.

The Global Safety Index

A five-year-old Enterprise Safety Engagement platform to anonymously benchmark your organization’s level of safety engagement against other organizations and to identify opportunities for improvement.

The Enterprise Safety Engagement Research

Academic research identifying the specific factors involved with connecting engagement to best safety and occupational health outcomes.

The Enterprise Safety Engagement Curriculum

An online learning platform created by the Enterprise Engagement Academy front-line managers better engage the workforce in safety improvement from wherever they are.

Consulting and Implementation

GSI provides access to a complete range of consulting and implementation solutions to identify goals, strategies, and tactics to address the missing link between safety and engagement.

The GSI Enterprise Safety Engagement Spirit Award

Nominate your company for an award you can display as a mark of commitment to employee safety while GSI develops a formal Enterprise Safety Engagement designation based on actual data.