Achieve the Next Level of Safety Performance By Addressing the Overlooked Human Factor

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This strategy allows associations, industry groups, and insurance firms a way to identify and recognize their “best in class” safety leadership cultures, to receive the GSI Achievement Award.

How it works:

First, think about the Academy Awards. They are benchmarking every film, actor, actress to inspire healthy competition and to push the envelope. And they have Price Waterhouse Cooper to tabulate the results.

So we need to create an Academy Awards for safety leadership & safety culture. With Global Safety Institute as the “Price Waterhouse Cooper”.

It starts with an association:

This could be an ASSP Chapter, or Region, NSC chapter, or an association such as AGC, NSC Chapter, SHRM State Chapters, or any trade association that has members who have similar interests and concerns.

These associations always have a stable base of sponsor partners (trade show booths, sponsors etc) and these partners are always looking for ways to add value to their target audience, the association membership.

Now, these sponsor partners can nominate one current client or prospect they feel has a world class safety culture, for the Global Safety Institute Achievement Award.

Using the Global Safety Institute Index we will map their leadership and culture DNA and compile a “short list”.

These finalists will be asked to complete an interview (either by web meeting or face to face) to validate they have the processes in place required.

Winner will be informed and awarded the Global Safety Institute Achievement award. Media coverage and interviews will be arranged, and they may keep this designation for one year.

The winners will also be bench-marked against world class safety organizations around the world, with opportunities to meet those “best in class” leaders and learn from them. These awards will be given both to the qualifying organization and the GSI Advocate Partner who nominated them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anything Measured Improves (JD Powers proved this).
  • When we have the Safety Leadership DNA of the “best of breed” mapped, we can share that with the other firms who were nominated but didn’t win.
  • This will help every member of the association improve more rapidly with benchmarking, a common set of leader behaviors to track.
  • Safety Culture & Leadership will grow exponentially faster than it has in the previous century.

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